I am hoping to do a weekly review of all things Claret and Blue where I hope I can briefly cover what we have learned as Aston Villa fans and what we can look forward to.

This week marks the first review.

1 – Manchester United defeat – It may be getting on for 20 years since the last time Aston Villa last defeated Manchester United in a league game at Villa Park, however despite the narrow defeat that was, it was great to see a sold out Villa park on a Friday night with the fans firmly behind the team. I was dreading the final whistle but I was pleased to see the applause the team got. Can you remember the last time Villa lost a game and got applauded of the pitch?

2 – Team spirit – These guys have only played together a couple of games and already you can see the bond beginning to form. I won’t make any calls yet on where I think our strengths are as it’s a little to early for that but I am excited by what is already beginning to be formed

3 – Selection Problems – That is meant in a good way, particularly in midfield. With Grealish and Gil almost set for a return to first team action and with new signing Adama Traore also pushing for a first team call up, the competitions for places is fierce. I can’t wait to see what Tim will do going in against Crystal Palace but it’s fair to say the bench is going to look pretty string too.