Ross McCormack is now a Villa player! A day late reporting in detail on this but wanted some time to take it in and really weigh up my thoughts, so here goes.

At £12 million, McCormack becomes Villa’s joint 2nd highest ever transfer, behind Darren Bent (£24 million) and level with Stuart Downing. I know Villa are no longer in the Premier League but the fact we have only once ever spent over £12 million on a player ever is beyond belief. It’s rare that any team is the top division will spend less than that at least on 1 player every season, even those in the bottom half.

McCormack, whilst never scoring in the Premier league is an exceptional talent and has a great goal ratio. A goal in every 3 games over the last 8 seasons with a goal in almost every 2 games over the last 2 seasons. It would appear that McCormack only gets better with age.

McCormack’s Stats (Wikipedia)

2008 – 2010 Cardiff City – Played 74, Goals 25

2010 – 2014 Leeds United – Played 140, Goals 53

2014 – 2016 Cardiff City – Played 89, Goals 38

Speaking of age, and its seems unfortunate that this may have been the only part of the transfer that has been met with some scepticism. For someone who is 29, how much time does he have left to be classed “in his prime”. I actually believed that McCormack had only just turned 29, so was a little surprised to learn that in actual fact he turns 30 in under 2 weeks. This is a little concern, most would say that he may only have 1 good season left in him. That said, he is obviously looking to see out his career with Villa and I am sure he will want to play at some point in the Premier League. I am sure he will use all of his ability to help make that happen. Just remember Ronaldo is 31 and he has more goals than appearances for Madrid, so who is to say that McCormack can’t go banging them in for a few seasons to come. In addition if he contribute in the way we all think and hope he can and help get us promoted, it will be money well spent.

There is no doubt there is an overall excitement with McCormack signing. McCormack and Ayew upfront is going to scare any Championship team. I have read reports that McCormack plays well with a big guy up top but from what I have seen, he has the ability to create his own goals. We all know he can hit a free kick too. I really do hope he can be given the service to really strive in his role for Villa.

Prior to the Boro defeat last weekend, I highlighted that I think we lack a winger and an attacking midfielder to really go and scare a team. Today, there have been strong reports that a deal for Scott Sinclair to move to Celtic is all but done and may well go through this weekend. Now, Sinclair is never going to be that player but as a backup and considering we have no alternatives, I would have thought we would look to keep him, at least for the short term. Let’s hope there is a flurry of transfer activity to come. Both in and out.

Update: Roberto Di Matteo has confirmed that the club also have 3 bids out for other players. Sounds promising, I have a feeling one of those may be a striker too 🙂