Been a little while since I have shared my opinion on the latest goings-on around the club, so I thought why not consolidate these thoughts into one article for you all.

Sale of Aston Villa:

Unless you  have had you head buried in the sand for the past week you will see that Aston Villa football club has been sold by Randy Lerner to Chinese Businessman Tony Xia (Dr Tony Jiantong Xia). With a reported fee of around £70 million, rising to £100 million, providing Aston Villa make a return back to the Premier league.

There has been much talk about Dr Xia’s net worth and his connections to the Chinese government and whilst Villa fans are excited, they remain optimistic of what Xia will bring to Aston Villa. I think until we have got passed the necessary fit and proper persons test, rumours about his dealings and personal life are always going to be asked. Given how private Dr Xia is, as well as the fact that not a lot of people know little about him (i.e his net worth) only raises more questions. I am sure this will only be in the short term and once the sale of the club is 100% I am sure everyone will be reassured.

Dr Tony Xia:

One thing right away I have noticed about our new owner is that Xia has done more interviews in the last week than Lerner has in the last 2 years. His acknowledgement to the failings of the club, whether that be poor scouting, lack of investment, lack of quality players or indeed identifying how many years the club has been in free fall, only goes to show that he has done his homework and is taking his investment very seriously. Like many of us fans, he seems determined to do whatever it takes to return Aston Villa back to where it belongs. Dr Xia has set a really good first impression with me and I hope he delivers on him promises as we gear up to what is going to be a very different yet challenging season.

Steve Hollis:

We all know Mr Hollis was not a football person when joined our fantastic club. He came at such a horrible time, with a board that had no football experience and an owner who was not prepared to offer any further investment into the club. Despite this, Hollis has learned quickly in terms of trying to sort out the mess taken over. Not only has Hollis listened to fans views and installed a board of football directors, he has been instrumental in the sale of the club and doing what is best for Aston Villa. I would love Hollis to stay on at the club, I really do believe there is a place for him here. If anyone is not convinced by Tony Xia just yet, you can be sure that Steve Hollis has really done his homework and ultimately done what is best for our great cub. That said, we know there is still one task remaining…

The new manager:

Over a week has passed since Aston Villa posted that a manager would be announced shortly. All that we have seen since are candidates we perceived to be favourites exit the running. Moyes ruled himself earlier in the week which was then followed by Nigel Pearson who took  the Derby County head coach role earlier today. For many now that only leaves Di Matteo as the only candidate left. The interesting point here is that despite how impressive Di Matteo’s achievements have been in recent years, he is by no means the fans favourite. In fact in a recent poll on our twitter page, it was suggested that many fans would actually prefer to give Sherwood another chance over offering the job to Di Matteo.

Whoever is appointed the manager, If he is not to the fans choosing, I really hope this appointment does not define Hollis’s time at the club and what he has achieved. Rumour had it that if the new manager had been appointment was made a week ago, Steve Hollis would have picked Pearson for the job. Read int0 that what you will. The main thing now is that whoever the lucky manager is, they will get my full support!

UTV – Darryl