Has it sunk in yet? Yes, John Terry really has signed a contract with Aston Villa. The 36 year old former Chelsea captain has already joined up with the squad in Portugal as pre-season gets underway. From observations on social media, the news that Terry has signed a 1 year deal has gone down well with the Majority of the Villa faithful. Given Harry Rednapp was also in for Terry, it has also been seen as another victory over the blue noses.


Terry, should and hopefully will be judged on what he achieves with the Squad over the next season. It’s no secret that he comes with baggage and he is just as well known for what he gets up to off the field. Terry did not feature much last season for Chelsea, so there will not be any expectation for him to be playing week in and week out for Villa. In addition, we  already have a solid paring with Baker and Chester. That said, I think Terry’s leadership skills on the pitch and more so in the dressing room will be instrumental if Villa are to have any chance of a promotion push this season. Terry is a born winner having won multiple leagues, FA and Europeans cups with Chelsea he will not know how to lose and therefore will be be a player who will not accept anything else other than winning.

Terry had his pick of clubs to go to including many in the Premier League as well as MLS, so I am extremely proud that he has signed for our great club. I hope he can help achieve his and the club’s goals in getting Aston Villa back into the Premier League.

Terry has already found his feet among the Villa squad and has his initiation. Let’s just hope his defending is better than his Singing 🙂