It will be days maybe even weeks before we get the full picture behind Dalian Atkinson’s death. Regardless of the circumstances behind Dalian being tasered by police, I think it’s important we remember Atkinson for the Villa great he was. I never really got into football until just starting secondary school. This coincided with league cup win of 1994 and the importance Atkinson played in the League Cup semi final turnaround against Tranmere Rovers and his goal in the final helping Villa defeat Manchester United… The good old days of the 90’s!

If anyone asks me my favourite Aston Villa goal of all time, without hesitation it has to be Dalian Atkinson’s goal against Wimbledon in the 1992-1993 season. It is without any doubt one of the best Premier League goals of all time!

Dalian Atkinson was not a man of many goals but was a man of great goals. He simply did not score normal goes.

Tonight’s draw with Huddersfield saw 35,000 strong pay tribute to Atkinson with a 10th minute with a spine tingling applause as well as umbrella’s at pitch side.

Many Villa greats have passed away over the years but for me Dalian is the first in my generation, a hero I will remember for scoring fantastic goals. A player who always had a smile on his face and an individual who loved the club as much as we loved him!

R.I.P Dalian – You have earned your right to be called a Villa legend and you will never be forgotten. May you watch down on your great club from time to time.