Remi Garde’s first game in charge saw a fantastic team performance to earn a valuable point against table topping Manchester city.

Obviously when a new manager comes in there is always a lift at a club but when you are bottom of the league and your opposition is top you could be forgiven for not having an immediate impact., however looking at the starting line-ups alone it was obvious Remi Garde had done his homework, most noticeably with Ayew being given the chance to impress in a rare start for the Villa striker and despite being playing up top on his own, the Villa forward was full of running and earned his standing ovation when being substituted in the second half.

Villa started very bright with one touch football and not allowing City on the ball for the first couple of minutes and if Remi can bring attractive football to the club and get results like to today, I am sure Villa fans far and wide will be more than happy

Villa did ride their luck at times with City coming close on a couple of occasions but similar results have gone against the club this season so it’s good to have some luck back. I think the key point here is that when Villa was under pressure they did not panic and did not Manchester City Bully them. Any neural would never have guessed that these two team top and bottom of the league.

I think if Remi can get Gil and Sinclair into games the chances will come and so will the points. That said the most important thing about today was the way the team played as a whole.

Just seen Match of the day and thought I would mention a couple of additional points. The first being the corner incident where the ball was played back to City Keeper Joe Hart. Now, I may be biased but as pundit Jenas said, if the ball was thrown back why did Hart not just let the ball go out for a goal kick rather than trying to control it.

Fabian Delph – One for the City fans that have been tweeting and moaning, Delph fully deserved his hostile reception. I though the snakes, Banners and hissing were a fantastic touch by the Villa faithful. A player can be forgiven for leaving to seek more success; we Villa fans have no issue with that. The manner in which Delph left after committing to the club a few month priors as well as a few days before is what makes him the snake he is.