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Villafans – the first logo

Villafans is an independent Aston Villa social following and blog. Villafans was initially created as a Facebook following in 2011 and has since grown to become the biggest unofficial Aston Vila Facebook page around with over 50,000 page likes. Villafans has expanded into other social media outlets such as Twitter, YouTube and Instagram but Facebook is certainly where we interact the most with fellow Villa fans. We also have a website which has not really been a big thing for us until recently. Our website has been updated and is now fully mobile optimised. It is also advert free and 100% non-profitable. We are in the process of updating pages and doing some frequent blogs to keep you all engaged, so be sure to bookmark us and visit often.

Throughout the above paragraph, I have referred to “our” and “we” a fair amount – truth is, whether it be the social media or the website, I am very proud to say that this is all actually run by one individual. I work all social accounts and blogs myself. I have no writers on my website and no admins on my social media pages. Whilst it may seem a little self-centered, the truth is I am immensely proud in what I have created and achieved in the last 5 years and I will continue to manage Villafans individually for as long as I possibly can.

A little bit more about me. My name is Darryl and I am what most would refer to as Eastender (born in East London). I currently live in Essex with my partner and little boy. Though, I am trying to get him to support the mighty Villa, he does like to often tell me that they always lose, so it is becoming a tough sell. I try and get up to Villa at least a few times every season and to this day, the trips are always special to me. I have a paving stone just in front of the gates of the Trinity Road which I received for my 30th a few years back and even when Villa lose, seeing it always makes the trips worthwhile.

My boy Freddie and personalised paving outside the ground

I grew up supporting my local team West Ham United and It was not until I was around 11 that I started supporting Aston Villa. Pierre Bolangi, A friend who looked out for me in my first years of secondary school was a huge Aston Villa fan and really got me into football and following  Aston villa. I vividly remember Pierre having his own handbook with his own match reports and scores. Pierre was a promising young footballer for Charlton Athletic Football Club who in unfortunate and tragic circumstances passed away after drowning whilst on a training exercise with the club. This website is dedicated to Pierre, I know he would be proud of what it has become today. UTV

Pierre Bolangi
Bolangi – friend and footballer