Hello and welcome to the Villafans Blog!

There are some fantastic Aston Villa blogs out there such as My Old man Said, The Villa Blog, Avillafan and Up the Villa, however I thought seeing as Villafans has the biggest Aston Villa following on Facebook, how better than to compliment this with our own blog.

I will be the first to admit that I am not the strongest writer/blogger in the world but I hope in time that this will much improve. I have taken many elements from the above websites in order to provide you with Villafans. I will be looking to develop the site further in the coming months with competitions, polls and an affiliate shop.

What does my site offer that the others don’t? In truth, nothing – I am not in competition with any of the other sites but just wanted to give you guys something more than posts on facebook. My opinions are my own and regardless of how the club is performing I will always try to keep these as positive as possible.

The website is add free which I hope provides a better experience for you all. Please bear with me over the next few weeks whilst I get some content up.

Thanks for reading.